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Experience of treating cardiac patients

Dr. Abhay Jain is one of the Best Cardiac Surgeon in Navi Mumbai – India, he has experience of over 4,000 cardiac surgeries. Currently he is a Senior Consultant of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery at Multiple Hospitals.


Now Available in Medicover Hospital, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Abhay Jain has an overall medical experience of 13+ years. Experience of more than 4,000 cardiac surgeries with 99% success rate.

Expertise in cardiac & vascular cases

Dr. Abhay Jain has an overall medical experience of 13 years. He also has a good experience of coronary heart diseases and Valve replacement surgeries and is proficient in performing surgeries on them.
Dr. Abhay Jain has a vast experience of treating cardiac patients with a special interest in off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery(CABG) surgeries & Ascending Aortic replacement surgery.

Dr. Abhay Jain has completed his MCH from prestigious Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, (Institute of National importance by Govt. of India) Trivandrum.
Scientific management

with excellent skills.

Dr. Abhay believes in complete patient satisfaction with Optimal Preoperative, Intraoperative and Postoperative care of his patients.
Successful Procedures Across These Areas :

CABG Off-Pump & On Pump

Off-pump surgery is performed on the beating heart with the help of heart stabilizers, On- Pump surgery is performed on...

Valvular Heart Diseases

Heart valve disease occurs when one or more of the heart valves do not open or close properly. When it...

Heart Transplant

A surgical procedure in which a diseased heart is replaced with a healthy heart. A surgeon removes the diseased heart...

Peripheral Vascular Diseases & Embolectomies

A common circulatory problem in which due to narrowed arteries blood flow to your limbs is reduced. Arteries in the...

Arteriovenous Fistula

Arteriovenous fistulas are often surgically created for use in hemodialysis in people with severe kidney disease. No painful necklines are...

Mitral valve replacement and repair

The procedure is performed to treat diseases of the mitral valve, the valve located between the left heart chambers which...

Aortic valve replacement and repair

A procedure to treat aortic valve disease which helps to restore normal blood flow, reduce symptoms, prolong life, and help...

Ascending Aortic replacement surgery

The procedure where A diseased or dilated aorta is excised and replaced with an artificial aorta. ...

Mitral Valve Replacement
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Bypass Surgery
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Cardiac Surgery Myths & Facts
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For Better Welness & Hope
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Mitral Valve Replacement and Repair

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Coronary Bypass Surgery

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Some indications of clogged arteries

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For Better Welness & Hope
Patient’s Saying
My father had a major heart attack and after completing angiography. Result were very bad. As the blockage was 99%And the last option Was there which bypass surgery.
As we don’t have any idea about it. my whole family was in very trouble.
Hence we met Mrs asma khan ma’am
Referred us to Dr.abhay jain sir
As soon as we had a meeting with Abhay sir. He explained us everything in detailed and told us to not be worried.
Also he informed us that my father has a infection in his blood due to that we need to postpone the surgery by 3 days
After that he had done with the surgery which was amazing and father got well
A big thank you for all your kind help
All the best.


Faizan SangeIndia

I was suffering from fatigue for the past 3 months.
My family and I thought it was because of the work stress, until I got a stroke.

It was all of a sudden with all the hospital work and doctor consultation.

Dr. Abhay Jain recommended a convenient hospital in our budget and also did my surgery. He is truly a savior, grateful for him.


Vinay GurrapIndia
My mother had an angioplasty procedure, and we discovered that she had one big block. Because it was our first time, we were unable to choose a doctor. Dr. Abhay Jain sat with us and explained the procedure. We put our faith in him, and he carried out the procedure. Thanks to Dr. Abhay Jain, my mother is now back to normal, and we are very happy.


Vrinda MarlaIndia

My father had a major heart attack and post the angiography he was diagnosed with a triple vessel disease and had multiple severe blockages up to 99% and the only option left was CABG we were under a trauma without having any knowledge about it. We were referred to Dr. Abhay Jain by our close family friend and Doctor and after we met him he assessed the situation explained the process and procedures properly and gave us a good confidence. It was a critical time for the family but the Doctor ensured we are educated properly and took informed decisions. Finally, the surgery was successful and I still remember the words of Doctor Abhay that the ‘Heart is Celebrating now’ and it actually did. My father has nicely recovered and now coming back to leading a normal life. Dr. Abhay Jain is a very humble, down to earth person and a very deep rooted and sound Cardiac Surgeon. I vouch for him and recommend to each and every person I can. 5 Stars to his services.

Shashank ShanbhagIndia
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+91 98198 73161

Dr. Abhay Jain

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